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In the world where images on streets scream for attention, the channels on your LED screens race for higher TRP, The pop-ups on your web window struggle to generate leads, Aperture India, a new age production house is dedicated to enhance your brand image towards building a healthy and intimate
relation between you and your esteemed clients!

Our Mission

Aperture India is committed to enthral and amaze its audience every time with its delightful creations. It intends to create sizzling and heart tickling cinema for Indian Audiences.

Our Vision

Bringing out the best and most desirable ingredients from Indian culture and at the same time reflecting the contemporary mindset is what Aperture India strives to produce.

Our History

Jai Ji established Aperture India in 2004 with a vision to Create and encourage Engaging films, Soulful Music and Mesmerizing art.


Alakh Maharshi ( Jai G)

His sense of visual aesthetics is evident in many Corporate films and Ads that he has shot in his decade long career. A poet at heart J's love for photography has found appreciation from stalwarts like Irrfan khan & Prahlad kakkar.


Aperture India is a cretive hot-shop, a film production house that has been creating high value and entertaining audio visual content for more than a decade.


Aperture India has been instrumental in the growth of many businesses for a decade now. It has played a humble role in taking the sales to altogether next level through its powerful films, music and image creations.

B. B. Banthiya

Jewellery Shoot for Calender Year 2015

Mphasis Ltd.

Mphasis On Air Radio Program


Advertising Shoot with Musicians and Models


7th India International Pet trade fair, Pune

SRSM Hospital

Advertising Shoot

Megha & Kalpesh

Editorial Shoot - Boutique


Ad Film Shoot for Dealers Meet, Maharashtra


Advertising Shoot for Liberal Arts Department

Hitech Engineers

Corporate Film

Mphasis Anthem

Music Video

Shweta Pagar

Marathi Actress (Model Shoot)

Virgo Engineers

Industrial Photography


Child Portfolio Shoot

GOKA Builders

Architecture Photography

Architect Manoj Tatuskar

Architecture Photography

Manish Gupta (CEO Chrysalis)

Corporate Portfolio Shoot

Actor Eddie

Portfolio Shoot

Saisidha Sugar Equipments & Engineers

Corporate Film

Sanskruti & Aditya Associates

Advertising Shoot


Advertising Shoot - B. V. Biologicals

What We Do

We create an impression, We set the tone, We bring a smile on your clients face, We cultivate trust. We do it in our style. We tell stories of your business through images and sound that is simply enchanting and above all helps you sell!!

Corporate Films


Here comes the next level in Film Making, arguably the best combination of Audio Visual elements that can increase your sales and take your business to top gear!

Marketing Videos


Video is by far the fastest growing marketing tactic in use today because it informs and convinces better than any other media type. Video provides an intuitive experience that engages the audience both visually and orally.

Training Videos


Creating a training video for your team members can be really exciting, efficient and time saving. A training video demonstrates every step with utmost clarity and leaves no room for ambiguity.

Ad Films


Get a film made with an integrated approach to marketing sales communication that's backed by solid strategic audio visual thinking!

Comapny Anthems


There's lot of pride in having your own company anthem! It reflects your passion and philosophy along with providing a positive environment which acts as a catalyst to boost the energy of your work force.

Music Videos


Music videos are one of the most entertaining ways of promoting your products or services. Trends last about as long as the attention spans of those who are slaves to them, Classics are for ever.

Radio Jangles


Is there a cooler name than Jingle? We think not. In the long run, Jingles can prove its value. Your Jingle stands the test of time and continues to impress months after it first hits the airwaves.

Advertising Photography


How many times have you heard people say “A picture is worth a thousand words” !! Strangely the last people who seem to take this seriously are advertisers.

Industrial Photography


Most photographers feel one thing when asked to click photographs of industrial setups…a Big Yaaawwnnn! Too bad for them, because we see more behind the steel, switches, belts and wheels. We see the world class engineering.

Architecture Photography


You have the desire and passion to create comfortable, inspiring environments that people will admire, live in and work in.. At Aperture India we go beyond the tangible, the structure and space… we reach deep, to the intent.

Products Photography Films


In business schools across the country a common proverb is used in lectures “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai” well, we would like to add to that, it is not enough to just be seen, but more importantly how you are seen…


Standing Ovation


Standing Ovation




Shoot and Run


Shoot and Run

Excellent eye for the moment. Very good texture and composition. Well done.


It is his compulsion that is making him do things, That is unique, its rare..

Irrfan Khan : Actor

Tremendous energy, Vibrancy, Young people.. and thats whats Mphasis stands for. After watching it I feel like a thirty five year old. Its absolutely fantastic. I am thrilled about it. I am sure you will be thrilled as well.

GANESH AYYAR - CEO and Executive Director - MPHASIS LTD.

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